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Fresh Jewelry Company Limited is a professional jewellery designer and manufacturer,located in Guangzhou city in the district of Panyu known as the biggest jewellery center in China .925 silver with semi-precious gemstone jewelry , ceramic jewellery are our main products . We also offer plain silver jewelry , cubic zirconia jewellery to global market . Modern and trendy designs are the drivers and main spirit of our company. We have our own professional and outstanding designers and 80% of our business is ODM(Original Design Manufacturing).Our creations are selling very well in Europeann markets such as Italy , France and Spain. Eastern Europe markets are as also becoming an important part of our business development . We promote our collections via international jewellery trading fairs in China mainland and Hong Kong every year. 


Our products have been selling well into market of more than 20 countries , it includes Portugal,Spain,France,Italy, Gemany, Poland,UK, Turkey, Russia,Andorra, Netherland,Swiss,Sweden,Korea,Thailand,Australia, New Zealand,US, Canada, Mexico,Brazil, Argentina etc . Except our ODM busines , we also work for designers from different countries , we help them to realize their creations into actual jewelry products .


We are well known silver jewellery designer  in China .We create clean , chic , fashionable style with special elements and new material . Professional jewellery magazines report our designs often . Customers not only appreciate our elegant designs and profession, and also give high compliments about our activity and diligence.